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Tha Blue Wall Treatment







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Taking it back to 06, when Bubba Sparxxx, Chingy, and Yung Joc were hip-hop household names and Cassie topped the charts with her infamous Me & U track before falling into the arms of Diddy. Unfortunately, they failed to remain consistent with their music and went down the route towards reality TV, rehab, or a rap mogul’s arm.  Then you had Snoop Dogg, the tall chronic smoking, smooth talking rapper from the West Coast. His ninth album titled Tha Blue Carpet Treatment puts emphasis on Snoop’s violent upbringing and being a Crip in Long Beach, California. Aside from the endless misogyny, the Doggfather of rap still keeps his rhymes smooth and silky while a blue bandana hangs out on the left side back pocket of his jeans (yeah that’s the Crip side). I had copped a Snoop Dogg tour tee from local shop The Come Up and coincidentally, there was a blue wall near my crib, so you know I had to pull up. Since the fall season is here, I am taking this opportunity to wear my bright colored pieces one last time, the  yellow Guess jacket being one of them. The sleeves and the bottom can be upzipped, creating a more modern look. The blue wall behind me serves as the perfect compliment to the Snoop tee, I think I will call this post  “Tha Blue Wall Treatment.”




Vintage Snoop Dogg Tee: The Come Up

Jacket: Guess

Sneakers: Nikelab Maroon Air Force 1 Mid 

Choker: H&M

Hoop Earrings: H&M


Photography & Makeup: Alvina Phan 

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5 comments on “Tha Blue Wall Treatment

  1. This is a dope post! I love your references to some of my favorite artists.. of course you had to pull up to that blue wall! I would’ve done the same thing, especially being originally from California, I would have had to represent Snoop the right way.
    I look forward to reading more of your posts, I feel like we have similar themes when it comes to representing THE CULTURE. I would love to work with you virtually in the future if possible!
    – Maxx Samone


    • Thank you so much babe for your kind words! I grew up on Snoop’s music as well as hip-hop culture and it continues to inspire not only my lifestyle, but the way I dress myself. That’s dope that you’re originally from LA. If I ever reach, we should link up for real =) Thank you for stopping by and supporting ❤


  2. Love love love this!!
    You look great babe!


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