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Drake x Aaliyah – Talk Is Cheap


Being the crazed and obsessed Aaliyah fan that I am, when the news surfaced that Toronto-based rapper Drake featured her on a track, kinda got my blood boiling. I get very sensitive when rappers sample a deceased artist’s music and when you listen to it, it sounds like utter trash. When J.Cole sampled Aaliyah and Missy Elliott’s “Best Friend” track for his Friday Night Lights project, my heart and soul screamed with joy for he payed tribute to Aaliyah in the most beautiful way. The following track by Drake is called “Talk is Cheap” and I gotta hand it to the man, it sounds sexy and oh-so smooth and just hearing Aaliyah’s voice gives me the chills knowing that her spirit and legacy still lives on. Click here to listen to the track courtesy of In the words of Aaliyah, this is how it’s done.

What are your thoughts on the track?


Photo above by Rolling Soul.


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