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#MakeItAwkward Concert


Two Saturday’s ago, I had the chance to attend the #MakeItAwkward Concert aimed to educate and bring awareness to discrimination by using artistic expression. Now you’re probably wondering what #MakeItAwkward means, well I’ll break it down for you. #MakeItAwkward was founded by actor, athlete, and entrepreneur, Jesse Lipscombe just after he was the victim of drive-by racism that was caught on video. While filming a commercial on the benefits of living in downtown Edmonton, Lipscombe is then racially taunted by a group of men in a car nearby chanting out “the n*****s are coming!” Lipscombe calmly confronted the men but unfortunately, the car drove off with more repeats of the n-word from the passenger. As opposed to getting angry and ignoring the issue, Jesse along with his wife Julie created a movement with Edmonton mayor Don Iveson to inspire others to take a stand against racism and to make it awkward. If you are a bystander exposed to racist remarks or hear someone from afar make a sexist, or racist remark, instead of being silent, approach the situation calmly and imply that what was being said was and is not cool.Held at the Centre For Race And Culture and hosted by Noble, attendees got the chance of a lifetime to not only enjoy the artistic sounds of local artists but also got the opportunity to educate themselves on the importance of racism for I hate to say it, it still lives amongst us. Jesse himself was present at the event along with his wife Julie and their newborn son, Indiana. Jesse delivered a beautiful speech plus touched base on the opportunities that have been coming his way since launching his campaign. I encourage everyone who comes across this post to please educate themselves on the importance of racism and that when confronting someone about their racist/sexist remarks, to not cause a scene but to address it in a peaceful manner. We are a mosaic of culture and together we must help each other put an end to this stigma. Wanna know how? Simply use your voice to help #MakeItAwkward. 

Big shoutout to the Centre Of Race And Culture as well as to organizers Alaine and Aliza, the attendees, Noble for hosting, Jesse and Julia Lipscombe, and the performers who sang and preached their hearts out for this amazing campaign! You are all appreciated!

Enjoy the recap =) 

For more information about Make It Awkward’s movement, follow them on the following social media platforms: 


Twitter: @MIA_YEG 


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