Embracing Femininity Pt.3



Okay I know, I am a month or two late, there’s been a lot going on in terms of this game of life that I have not yet  fully grasped. You’ll read about it soon, but I thought I’d drop the last installment of the three-part series on how to embrace femininity. If you are reading this now and have no idea what the heck I’m talking about, you can catch up on part 1 and part 2 ( do it now!). For the final installment, I’ll provide final tips to my female readers who struggle with embracing their feminine side, all from personal experience. As women, we must shift our worldview from being viewed as objects to views of self-empowerment to channel how we feel instead of basing these views off of what others think. It requires being able to practice what we preach and to communicate our feelings without the fear of being shamed. There’s nothing I dislike more than seeing a woman get shamed for voicing her opinion by  being called “dramatic,” “emotional,” “sensitive,” or anything related to that nature. Let your thoughts out ladies! It’s what makes us human and if anything, it makes us stronger! Have a look at some last tips  from this fellow lifestyler that will encourage all women  channel their inner feminine creature both internally and externally. Once again, my apologies for the delay! 

Photography: Stefan Legacy (seriously, check him out)

1.) Stop Caring About What Others Think:

Girl, its 2016 and the last thing you should be worried about is what someone thinks of you. Don’t let others define you, you know yourself (word to Drake) more than they do. Honestly, the best trick I learned when it comes to having self-confidence is by, I hate to say it, not giving a flying fuck what others think.  The moment you fully master not giving a fuck will be the moment that all the things that don’t matter, will be dismissed. 

2.) Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone:

Being a girl that didn’t wear a ton of makeup who resides in sneakers and baggy jeans, you can say that I didn’t have a clear understanding of what it meant to be feminine. To this day, I still struggle with being feminine for I like to present myself in a modest-yet-tomboyish way. Even doing the shoot for this post, I felt a little weird for this is a side of me that I never show to anyone and for the longest time, I thought it would make me come off as “slutty” in all honesty. But part of self-growth involves being okay with being uncomfortable, because you learn how you handle discomfort while slowly transitioning into contentment. Some may have feelings of self-doubt and the mood tends to alter. After Stefan sent me the photos from this shoot, you could say that I was shocked at the most. But reviewing them a second time made me see myself in a whole new light. I saw a woman who was afraid to show others her skin but at the same time wanted to experience liberation. After words of self-encouragement, she built up the courage to set herself free. During that process, she felt uncomfortable for it was not something she saw herself doing,  but she embraced it with open arms.

3.) There’s More Than One Kind Of Sexy: 

I always thought that the term “sexy” came in the form of slim tight dresses, high heeled pumps and false eyelashes. Very ignorant on my part so I do apologize if you are reading this with the intention to go off in the comment box. The term doesn’t even have to be affiliated with looks for I always thought that it was intellectual. Being a woman with a strong mind filled with knowledge and willing to attain more knowledge is sexy and to be quite honest, I’d rather be complimented for my skills as opposed to how I look. But back to the looks part, the term “sexy” has become flexible and doesn’t always involve a red dress and lipstick. As much as I like to embrace that side of me from time to time, I feel most sexy in a pair of kicks, old jeans, simple tee and red lips. It’s not wrong, it’s what makes me comfortable. As women, we have every right to be sexy and please, do not shame a woman for how she chooses to express her sexiness. 

4.) Express Yourself:

When I was younger, I could never build up the courage to express myself due to my walls being so high. As I experienced different aspects of life such as relationships, failed friendships and death of a friend, I wish there were things that I could of said. As women, expressing ourselves does not mean we are emotional in the slightest sense. If you wanna say something, say it but watch your tongue and be cautious of how you approach expressing your feelings. 

5.) Be Comfortable In The Skin You’re In: 

You are only born with one body, one mind and one heart, embrace those parts equally! Understand that not everyone is perfect and own up to your flaws. Even the people that you think “look” perfect, are in fact, not. I’ve quickly come to learn that self-love, self-care and knowing your self-worth is the root of all happiness and we as women, must channel those characteristics on a daily basis. We live in a generation of social media where self-love is rare whereas self-hate is everywhere. Confidence is to be celebrated, not ridiculed. So embrace yourself baby! 

If there is anything that I can take from embracing my feminine side is to never shame other women on how they choose to ecpress their feminity. While scrolling through a friends snapchat story, she made a really beautiful statement for whenever she sees another woman owning themselves or “slaying,” her heart tuns warm. There’s nothing more beautiful that seeing  other women love themselves purely while empowering other women to embrace who they are as well. So please, if you see a woman walk with confidence or speak kind words to others, walk up to her and either say “thank you” or “yassssss girl.” In a generation where women are constantly put down for how their look, the choices the makes along with their sexuality, we need to hear those kinds words as opposed to social pettiness. 

Thank you for reading today’s post and remember to be kind to one another. 


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STYLE YOUR LIFE XO is a lifestyle blog aimed to inspire readers to STYLE their lives. Meaning to walk in their truth, stepping out of comfort zones and to attain more knowledge of self. Creator and founder, Camille MacLean uses this blog to document her experiences whether it be through her street style,travel destinations and creative projects. Growing up, Camille came in contact with many insecurities and was afraid to show who she was to the world. Since starting this blog, she is able to empower not only herself but those around her. Whether it be her vibrant street style, places she travels to and creative projects she takes on, this blog is a visual documentation of her experiences. She hopes to provide readers with more visual content plus inspire young creatives to style style their lives to the fullest! For all business inquiries and creative collaborations, please email Camille at styleyourlifexo@gmail.com. XO

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