The Art of Decluttering




Now that the new year has arrived, its time to get cha life (Tamar Braxton voice)! What I mean is to organize your life and get rid of things that are cluttering your life.  From my closet on the verge of overflowing to discovering old lipsticks that I didn’t even know I owned and have no intention of using, why keep these things around? It’s only going to cause more frustration and headache. Plus I don’t really want to stand in front of my closet for an hour contemplating which sneakers I can wear with a fluorescent orange peacoat.  Geez! At the beginning of this year, I jumped into the routine of decluttering things from my life that serve me no purpose whatsoever. Here’s a quick rundown on how you can declutter your life and live stress-free. 


1. Garment Giveaways!

Gather a bag of old clothes that don’t fit or that you don’t wear anymore and give them to someone who needs them more than you do. Pack your clothes in a black garbage bag or cardboard box and drop them off at any homeless shelter or non-profit organization. We tend to take these garments on our back for granted and the fact that they can benefit someone’s life immensely will surely turn their frown upside down 🙂 

2. Sell Your Luxury Pieces 

To be honest, I thought selling my old retro Jordan sneakers were going to put me into a state of sneaker anxiety but surprisingly, I actually felt better. From one sneaker lover to the next, pass the love around! What’s crazy is that you can sell them over the original retail price. After discovering how easy it was to sell old kicks, it inspired me to want to get rid more luxury items. Start an Ebay account, take a few snaps of the pieces you want to sell, attach a price to em and watch the money pile up $$. Be sure to follow the shipping guidelines and don’t be afraid to ask your fellow reseller friends for help.

3. Unsubscribe from Materialistic Emails 

During this time in my life, I am focusing on things that truly matter: family, friends, and goals. The last thing I need to see when I open my email are notifications about the “In The Bag ” sale going on at Urban Outfitters. Instead of tempting yourself to spending your entire paycheck on something that will last a season, scroll down to the bottom of the promo and click where it says “Unsubscribe.” You’ll probably get an email back saying ‘Don’t go” or “We’ll miss you.” Really? You gonna miss me spending my hard-earned dough on a garment that rip after three wears? Girl please! Save that money for a trip, house, a night out with your friends, or that yoga class that you’ve been wanting to attend for the past 3 months. I can assure you that this step is going to be hard to overcome and ridding yourself of these emails is a great start. 


4. Unfollow/Unlike Negativity

I cannot recall how many times I log into Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and there’s always that one person who feels the need to post hateful and ignorant statuses only to draw negative attention to themselves. It can be found in the form of a status on Facebook, a tweet, or an Instagram photo. I literally have to pinch myself from going off in the comment box but now I’ve come to discover a quick and easy way to rid myself from the negativity:





This method will save not only your eyes but also your mindset from being exposed to such cancerous media.  And please for the love of God, don’t make a status about cutting people out of your life who are negative. Everytime I see this announcement on social media makes me want to raise my hand and oblige to their announcement. Don’t announce it, just do it! 

5. Get Rid Of Bad Habits

Whether it’s biting your nails, licking the cookie dough off the spoon, or comfort shopping (guilty of this one), make 2016 the year to rid yourself of these habits. Create a list of your habits and come up with a solution on how you can overcome these habits and stick to it. If you find yourself getting out of line, come up with a negative consequence. For example:

“If I spend my savings on this bag, there goes my trip to Hawaii.”

The more you think of the consequence, the more likely you’ll avoid picking up the habit. 

6. Empty Yo Bag! 

If your bag has more crap in it than George Costanza’s briefcase when he goes on vacay, then you you are not alone. Take this opportunity to dump out any contents in your purse that serve no purpose. Gum wrappers, old makeup that you forgot that you even had or anything that takes up too much room. Try buying the smallest, lightest versions of items that you can find to reduce the extra weight. And instead of clenching your phone in your hand 24/7, put it in the phone pocked inside your purse, it’s there for a reason!




STYLE YOUR LIFE XO is a lifestyle blog aimed to inspire readers to STYLE their lives. Meaning to walk in their truth, stepping out of comfort zones and to attain more knowledge of self. Creator and founder, Camille MacLean uses this blog to document her experiences whether it be through her street style,travel destinations and creative projects. Growing up, Camille came in contact with many insecurities and was afraid to show who she was to the world. Since starting this blog, she is able to empower not only herself but those around her. Whether it be her vibrant street style, places she travels to and creative projects she takes on, this blog is a visual documentation of her experiences. She hopes to provide readers with more visual content plus inspire young creatives to style style their lives to the fullest! For all business inquiries and creative collaborations, please email Camille at XO

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