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This past week has been a blur and I apologize for not keeping you all up to date, but lately I’ve been going through what you call writer’s block/stress/unfulfillment. My fuel for inspiration became non-existent for some time and I spent a few sleepless nights wondering if I will ever feel inspired again.  I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why I was feeling this way and I’ve come to the realization that it is an entirety of life’s daily challenges: work, bills, friendships, relationships, health, and the need of being able to talk to someone when I’m feeling down.  It got to a point where I thought my brain was going to shut down and I wouldn’t know how to dial 911 after it happens. I needed to break out, but how? Iv’e come to the notion that my negative thoughts become non-existent during my alone time. At first I thought “Um, weird,” but then I realized that being alone has its perks. When we think of the five-letter word, thoughts of depression and keeping all thoughts locked in a cave come to mind. But if you think about it, alone time allows us to recollect our thoughts and refine our strengths so we can jump back on the board and ride the wave. The key is to maintain the wave. But how can we make the most of our alone time? Maybe a few suggestions from yours truly will help you embrace your alone time, plus lead you in the right wandering direction.


1.) Go for a walk: going for a stroll relieves stress and allows us to breathe real air as opposed to air-conditioned air. It gets the brain cells back into order and our thoughts tend to linger. I find when I go for walks, it allows me to see my dreams and goals much clearer. Try to choose a place that’s scenic with nature surrounding you, you’ll feel more at peace.


2.) Journaling: never underestimate the power of this mechanism. Journaling allows us to release our raw thoughts without anyone judging us. Nobody will know these thoughts but yourself and for the longest time, I had trouble getting my thoughts out on paper. In my head it was clear, but verbally, it was a all a scribble (no pun intended). Each night before you lay your head down, write down the thoughts you had that day and read it the next day in the evening, it will allow you to look back on what you thought the day before and you can ask yourself “Has anything changed?” and “What can I do about this?” Fact: the mind is the most awake at night.


3.) Exercise: check this equation: exercise + endorphins = happy thoughts! Easy right?  I swear everytime I come out of a yoga class, I have this sudden urge to conquer the day and my body feels at ease… followed by a craving for a garden salad with cherry tomatoes and avocado. I’m not saying exercise everyday, go when you can and gradually challenge yourself. Bring some musical inspiration with you during your alone time. At the end of the day, you are doing this to benefit yourself. Now stretch those toxic vibes out!


4.) Eat healthy: during times of stress and bad vibes, we find ourselves reaching for that bowl of Ben & Jerry’s. It’s hard to let go, I know. Think of it like this, the healthier we eat, the healthier our thoughts will be. The worse we eat, the worse our thoughts will be. Shy away from that bottle of Ciroc or EFFEN vodka and reach for that bottle of that FIJI. Cleanse out those toxic thoughts!


5.) Friends & Family: use them, they are your resources and are great for a shoulder to lean on when you’re not strong. You never know, they might relate to what you’re going through and just by communicating to them how you’re feeling will set you free. They have your best interests in heart and believe in you during times when you thought you didn’t believe in yourself. Considering we live in a generation filled with technology, a phone call/skype call/facetime call/email is not that far away. Trust me, they’ll listen.

6.) Music: Never undermine the power of music, I cannot stress this enough. It’s soothing, magical, and it has the ability to put us into an ethereal coma.  It’s crazy cause sometimes I’ll find myself in the middle of a tune and the lyrics just so happen to correlate with my thoughts at that exact time. This tends to work better in a secluded area. Among the artists I listen to during my alone involve none other than Nirvana, Lana Del Rey, SZA, Tupac Shakur and Nas. They have this musical gift of being able to lyrically express their pain and struggles in the most poetic way possible. The therapeutic benefits of music are undeniable without question and can touch us emotionally where words can’t. What kind of music do you listen to during your alone time?


Hopefully these six tips help you embrace your alone time. It’s never easy to open up how you really feel to someone, or even yourself at times but sometimes being secluded can allow you contemplate particular situations in a deeper sense. I don’t advise you to lock yourself in your room for the rest of your life, but remember that you do  friends and family who can listen and uplift your spirits to higher levels and help you grow mentally, physically and spiritually. It’s okay to be alone, but at the same time, open up!

What do you guys think? Is it okay to be alone sometimes? What do you do during your alone time? Comment below!


Photographer: Redd Angelo

Crop Top: Aritzia / Drawstring Pants: Oak + Fort / Sneakers: Adidas Superstar / Necklace: Oak + Fort / Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs

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