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Hexagon Board Game Cafe

Lately I’ve been on a quest to uncover more mysterious, local spots in Edmonton, whether it’s cafes, boutiques, markets, or restaurants. I often hear people complaining that Edmonton is so boring and dull, but at the same time, if we don’t take the time to network and introduce ourselves to new things, we will forever lead boring lives. Zac happens to be an old friend from high school and was visiting from Vancouver. He wanted to catch up and I obliged of course. I didn’t want to take him to dinner for I am more creative than that, hello?  Last month, a new cafe opened on Whyte Ave that got people talking. It wasn’t one of those cafes where they serve endless pastries and espressos. It’s called the Hexagon Board Game Cafe located on 82nd Ave across from the Toyota dealership. People could come in with their friends, order a drink and choose from a series of board games to play.  Let’s just say that the inner six year-old from within me made an appearance that night.


Upon entering the cafe, my eyes shifted to the cobalt blue walls behind a shelf full of board games. Initially I thought that was the only selection they had but according to the owner, Randy, there was an ever bigger selection in the back corner of the cafe. Zac and I made our way to the back to grab a seat when we became enamoured by the selection of games at the back corner. Shelves upon shelves of classic board games from Monopoly, LIFE, Operation, Clue, Battleship, Backgammon, etc. The rules of games goes as follows: each person must pay a sum of $2.50 an hour to play the board games (Zac and I were there for 2 hours) and you can pay when you are finished. Zac and I wasted no time when choosing a game. After a few sips of my Vanilla Cream Soda, we began with the game that everyone plays everyday: LIFE.  My career choice was a film star-turned-teacher who lived on a houseboat, bought designer clothing, travelled the world with a net worth of 2.9 million dollars. I laugh to this day because that’s exactly what I want to do in real life (never underestimate the power of fate).  Zac became a vet who lived very comfortably until he got fired for sleeping on the job and became a brain surgeon with a net worth of 2.3 million. Safe to say I won this round!

At this point, my adrenaline had gone through the roof as the next game was chosen. It was called “Kitty Chaos.” The objective of the game is to get your cat (not real cat) to go through the streets without being chased by the City Pound which sends players back to the start. Each player had to choose a card in order to make their next move. From jumping the fence, getting hosed down, moving a few steps back, missing a turn, and moving ahead. The difference with this game was that once you get your cat to the right house, you have to turn around and go back to the start. Zac and I said nah of course. After a few run-ins with the City Pound and getting knocked back a few times…. Zac won the game unfortunately. Curses!

The last game we played before the cafe closed was Connect Four. If you do not know this game or haven’t played, you clearly didn’t have a childhood growing up. The objective of the game is to connect the chips in a straight line of four either vertically or horizontally. Clearly I’m not good at this game cause Zac beat me once again (men are so competitive).

Overall, this cafe receives a total of five stars.  One star each for creativity, space, atmosphere, food, and the games of course. Want to make date nights more fun? Head over to the Hexagon Board Game Cafe for you will get to relive your life in adolescence. If you do plan on coming to the cafe, I suggest that you call in advance for it does get busy on weekends.  However, during the week, the cafe moves at a steady pace.

If you wish to receive more information about the Hexagon Board Game Cafe you can check them out at their website or on Facebook. If this review isn’t descriptive or convincing enough, you can read some reviews here. 

Hexagon Board  Cafe on Urbanspoon10123 82 Ave

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3 comments on “Hexagon Board Game Cafe

  1. This is an excellent idea! I live in conservative Utah, and I think something like this would go over so well. I love the look of the cafe. Thanks for sharing :o)


  2. Awww you’re kidding? You should present the idea to those conservatives. It’s honestly the coolest cafe and the concept is so creative, definitely needs to be spread worldwide. No problem! I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂


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