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It’s Fashion Week… In Canada


If apologies consisted of dollars, I would have at least 30 million dollars sitting in my bank account right now. I am so sorry for slacking in the blog department for I just started my new job last Monday and have been in full grind mode. The best part about my job is that I get to wear nice clothes and talk to my boss about Fashion Week in New York (I have yet to ask her about Paris). This past Saturday I had the honor of attending Western Canada Fashion Week, a fashion show that happens twice a year in the city of Edmonton. Bloggers, photographers, volunteers, directors, you name it, gather together for a total of nine days to present some of the hottest trends hitting the runway. I had the honor of sitting close to the runway so I could salvage every moment, plus I ran into Ashley, a fellow blogger from Edmonton who was just as excited as I was.  A lot of hot designers presented their collections and to my surprise, some of them weren’t even from Canada.


To begin the show was a designer named Shannon Fielding, an emerging Canadian designer who showed off her collection with floral crop tops, lavender colored lace dresses and cropped jackets. The collection gave off a spring/summer vibe but Fielding managed to pull it off on the runway.

The next collection was Tiffany Blue, and you guessed it, each garment was inspired by the infamous Audrey Hepburn film. This was probably my favourite collection because each garment had a timeless look to it. From little black dresses to white polka dots to a tweed two-piece suit inspired by Coco Chanel herself. It had zippers aligned at the bottom of the skirt that gave off a more edgy look. Well done Tiffany Blue!

Next up was Kelly Madden and no, she is not related to the infamous shoe designer Steve Madden if that’s what you’re thinking.  She is a designer from Northern Alberta with a passion for design for she spent numerous hours sketching and altering clothing garments. After graduating with her diploma in fashion design, a few years later she went on to starting her own clothing company where she designed women’s clothing. As of right now, she sells her clothing to boutiques in cities such as Edmonton and Calgary. Madden’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection contained a variety of colors such as mint green trousers with a racing stripe down the side and going parallel at the kneecap. Biker jackets consisted of blue and black color ways while the black sleeves added a touch of edge. Great work Kelly!

Sarah Pacini has become an international brand all over Europe starting in Belgium 20 years ago. The collection itself offer a modern, minimal, and feminine pieces starting with the knit sweaters My personal favourite on the runway was a cropped sleeveless knit top that crossed below the breast. The model was shown wearing it with a slouchy skirt. I swear if there was any piece I’d rock off the runway, it would definitely be that outfit. Another favourite by Sarah Pacini was a cream-colored jacket with a tied belt at the hip while paired with black trousers and black pumps. Check out some photos below!

I had to save the best for last, ever heard of a brand called Bano eeMee? Neither have I but I am sure glad I have because I would happily wear every look that walked that runway. Bano eeMee was formed by a man by the name of Aleem Arif in 2011. I went on to the website after the show to find that the brand promotes an ethical message in regards to the fabrics used for the clothing. Fabrics that eeMee uses are from communities that have been through areas of extreme poverty and war. The purpose is to help create opportunities for these communities such as fair wages and using the power of knowledge to spread the word. This brings me to my next point in regards to the fabric, almost every model on that runway wore black and/or mustard jacket with beautiful fabric detailing on the back. It’s clear Bano eeMee wanted to go for a “Fashion Meets Fitness” look (click here for info) because I noticed on some of the female models were monochrome Nike Roshe Run sneakers (my absolute favourite sneaker). I had the opportunity of meeting the designer himself for Ashley and I used our networking skills that evening. Well done Bano eeMee!

Overall, Western Canada Fashion Week was well worth a front row seat even through the photos on my Nikon camera got deleted mysteriously (don’t ask about that please).  Just being in an atmosphere where individuals use their creative skills to help bring Edmonton fashion back to life is all a girl/blogger/no faux-pas fashionista could ask for. Plus I got to witness the photographers lie down on the runway and take a selfie (Holy Ellen Degeneres moment!) Be on the lookout for some of these collections and brands for I provided the link to some of them. Enjoy!

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  1. Yes! Fashion Week!!


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