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Affordable Shopping Methods

Ever find yourself at a department store drooling over a shirt that would look oh-so-good in your closet? Yes, we’ve all been there? It looks so good until you look down on the price tag and see more zeroes than you would see on your seventh grade report card (me in a hand basket, and yes, I have a degree suckers!). Suddenly the drool on your lip is sucked right back up. I find we live in a society where QUANTITY is placed overtop of QUALITY when it comes to clothes shopping, or any shopping for that matter. These days, it’s all about the brand names and I totally get it. With NYFW photos clogging up my Instagram timeline, it’s become a trend to buy the latest designer duds. But what about what’s in our pockets? As much as I love the Alexander Wang neoprene dress on this years runway at NYFW, I just haven’t got the financial strength. My pockets hurt just thinking about it. I am going to show and tell you how to shop affordably and provide you with some methods that could benefit you, your wardrobe, and your wallet. 

1. Buy things you NEED:

If I am at a store and see something that I need and will greatly benefit my wardrobe, I do two things. 

a.) Check the price tag to see if it’s in my price range. I like to wear things that nobody else has because who wants to conform these days? If the item is out of my price range, as sad as it makes me, I leave it alone. 

b.) After a few months, I go back to the same store to see if the item has gone on sale and to my surprise, it does. That’s when you snatch it off the rack! 

2. Similarities aren’t that bad: 

Before you decide to make that splurge on a piece of clothing, go online and see if there are other stores that supply a replica of that particular piece. Think of it like this, use the replica as your motivation to buying the designer version. Talk about total upgrade. I once owned this black quilted shoulder bag with the Chanel-inspired chain strap that I bought at Winners for about $25. A few years later, I found myself in the sale section at Holt Renfrew when I came across a Rebecca Minkoff Mini-Affair bag on sale for $159 from $225. Yes it is a little pricy, but if you work hard, then you can play hard right? 


3. Seasonal Shopping:

It’s best to shop at the end of summer because that’s when most stores clear out the season wear and make way for the new season apparel. During the fall season, I always shop for next year’s spring/summer clothes. Learned this trick from my Mom during a shopping trip at ROSS in Hawaii (mom knows best). 

4. Designer duds for less:

 I know it’s hard to believe, but yes you can find designer duds for much less. Instead of rushing to Holt Renfrew and dropping $845 on that Alexander Wang Rocco bag, try looking for a bag for less of that price. I thought department stores were liars until I went to Town Shoes and found a pair of Alexander McQueen/ Puma sneakers on sale for $36 from $240. After various glances at the price to see if it was right, I brought those bad boys up to the counter. Another time was at Winners when I scored a deal on a pair of Helmut Lang atmospheric trousers for only $29 (regular $270). Mwahaha!

 5. Online shopping: 

Another alternative for affordable shopping is right from your computer. Try to aim for online shops with affordable shopping and with great deals. The only downside when online shopping is that you can’t try anything on, you have to guess your size, and return policies can be a pain in the rear. Among the list of good online shopping sites include Nasty Gal (absolute favourite), ASOS, HauteLook, Oasap, Tobi, and Missguided. Another tip for online shopping is to shop on websites that have free shipping. A good site is Oasap because if you spend $50 or over, no need to pay a shipping fee and you can shop affordably. Matter of fact, I ordered a replica of the Valentino Rockstud heels off that exact website, so check it out! 

6. Shop for SALES:

This tip is the most important for all shoppers. Believe me, if it weren’t for sales, our wallets would have holes in them. Sale racks are usually located at the front or back of the store. It’s the first rack that I go to upon entering a store. How do you think I found those McQueen sneakers or those Helmut Lang trousers? 

Hopefully these six shopping tips help you on your next shopping trip. Feel free to comment below and tell me your tips when it comes to affordable shopping. 

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