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Hello my lovely fashionistas!

Today marks yet another sunny day here in Edmonton and I couldn’t be happier! This past week has been pretty hectic with my studies plus providing assistance to an upcoming event which I will blog about soon. But thats not the topic for today’s post. On Tuesday I received a parcel from none other than Nastygal, my favourite online shop (it’s getting out of control). I have waited two weeks to blog about this trend and now is the perfect time. I ordered a pair of ankle boots, but not any type of ankle boots, they are referred to as cutout boots! This trend immediately became popular with the introduction of the punk rock inspired Balenciaga cutout ankle boots with Alexander Wang being the new creative director. With a few buckles and a palladium metal finish, these boots are a hit, but also pricey ($1,275 to be exact). But the good thing is that you don’t need to spend a whopping amount of cash for cutout boots, they can still look good even at a lower price.

Celebrities such as Mary-Kate Olsen, Nicole Richie, and Miley Cryus have all been spotted rocking the Balenciaga cutout boots. What makes these boots so awesome is the metal strap and the chunky heel that makes them oh-so-sophisticated. It’s so punk rock! When people see these boots they may think “Oh these can’t be worn with anything” or “I can never pull those off.” Well, thats where I come in and show you what you can wear with cutout ankle boots. Instead of spending an excessive amount of money on these boots, there are plenty of online websites that sell them for a lower price.


By looking at the photos above, it is clear to say that cutout ankle boots are a staple piece to any wardrobe. From preppy to punk-rock, these boots are beyond versatile. A white above-the-knee dress with an edgy denim jacket makes up for a relaxed and casual look for the boots. Rolled up boyfriend jeans and a v-neck sweater is another relaxed look for the boots. If you really want to jazz it up, rock the boots with a pair of Zara culotte shorts and a loose fitted blouse tucked in at the front and a leather jacket on top to create the perfect punk/glam get up. Below are some examples of how to wear cutout ankle boots. Check out the different styles too!


Even if the cutouts don’t go with anything, they still have a great look to it! Don’t be afraid to mix-and-match! The ones below are the cutout boots that I happily received from Nastygal. The brand is called ShoeCult, they got together with Nastygal to create an eccentric line of shoes from heels, boots, sandals, platforms, and pumps. These boots are cool because of the copper colour and the extra chunk in the heel. Black seems to be the primary colour of cutout boots but, hey, its okay to be different once in a while. I am a size 10 in boots but I was a little hesitant placing my order in because with online ordering, you cannot try on the shoes. But just my luck, these bad boys fit! The heels are a bit pointy therefore making my feet look larger than they appear. I cannot wait to rock these boots with a sundress and boyfriend jeans. Stay tuned for a future outfit post! Check em out below:


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  1. Yes!!
    Love this trend! I just posted a look on this, you must be reading my mind!

    Love your blog, very dope.


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