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All White Affair

Good afternoon everyone! Hope this post finds you well as I sit out here on my porch with my father enjoying a margarita.

Since we are in the midst of summer, I’ve been seeing a variety of colours on various style sites. I’ve noticed the colour white has become a popular shade in the fashion world and can be pulled off in many ways. From layering to creating an accessorized outfit, its no wonder the white is becoming so versatile. Have a look at the following tips on how to rock an all-white outfit.

1. All White Dress

This is one of the easiest ways to wear an all-white outfit because all you really need is a white dress. Personally, I like this dress because of its natural flow and the way she paired it with the chunky platforms. With a white dress, any colour and style of shoe works, plus it adds a fresh pop of colour. With little accessories, it proves that you can be minimal and chic at the same time.

2. Separation Anxiety

The separation style is my favourite because it allows you to combine a simple white top with either palazzo pants, skinny jeans, or shorts. I chose palazzo pants due to the hippy vibe it gives off with the length and wide-leg. I would say the tricky part when it comes to the separation look is finding the two perfect shades of white. But once you do, the rest is easy. Pair it up with a sequin clutch or any colour for that matter. For shoes, a nice pair of nude loafers or some sleek strappy Saint Laurent-inspired heels.

3. Layers Upon Layers

I think we can all agree that white is one of the most fragile shades to wear. Especially on a cool or rainy day (eek!). But don’t let that stop you! Theres a method called layering. For me I like to start on the inside and make my way out. On the inside, I’d wear a simple white crop top with some hi-waisted white pants or shorts. In terms of shoes, I’ve really been into the chunky white platforms and white Birkenstocks. I know they may look ugly at first but you cant help that they’re both edgy and comfortable. When it comes to the outer layers, an oversized blazer would be ideal to balance out both the crop top and pants. Add a white clutch, and the rest is history.

4. Lace It Up

Whoever said lace is always a good idea is right. Lace adds a classy touch to any colour, but it takes it to a different level when paired with white. With lace, you can add wedges, stilettos, or even coloured pumps to add height and colour balance. But keep in mind the accessories that you want to use when pairing it with lace. Keep it minimal with a silver statement necklace,  flashy clutch or even a hat such as the one pictured above. The more accessories, the more gaudy it looks.

 Hope these four looks helped you in finding creative ways to wear white. Stay tuned for an upcoming post where I show you my take on the all white outfit. Stay tuned!

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